About Us


Sisterstours was established in 1998 by three sisters that shared one mission: to share genuine, rewarding, personalized, and responsible travel experiences with visitors to their native Vietnam. Tourism was just beginning to open up in the country, but the unique experiences that they offered quickly caught the attention of the world's premium bespoke travel companies. They've remained valued partners ever since. The Sisterstours experiences began in Hanoi, but they later spread to central Vietnam. Meanwhile, their network extended to southern Vietnam and throughout the rest of mainland Southeast Asia. Over two decades later and Sisterstours remains a respected partner in Vietnam.

Why Us

Each tour is crafted around your customer's interests and passions. No two tours are alike and they won't be found anywhere else.

We hand-pick our accommodation options to reflect the charms of the destination and match the character of your customers.

We've spent years nurturing exclusive relationships with members of Vietnam's artist, artisan, veteran, and intellectual communities.

We are exclusively business-to-business. That means we know the value of a long-lasting relationship and the importance of trust.

We are experts and we only work with experts. Our tour guides are the best in the business, and our experiences only feature leading specialists.

We understand what is meant by luxury and VIP travel - all our experiences can be upgraded with special attention given to security, privacy, and exclusivity.

Responsible travel is central to everything we do. We spearhead the Responsible Travel Club - Vietnam's first and only group dedicated to responsible travel practices.

We offer partner access to our automatic calculator software, so you can log in, create an itinerary, and see the price instantly.

Our Staff


Managing Director

Hien has a long history organizing personalized and responsible travel experiences in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. She co-founded Sisterstours in 1998 after recognizing the need for a bespoke travel agency that facilitates genuine experiences for visitors to her country. In 2009 she co-founded the Responsible Travel Club (RTC) to bring together different operators across Vietnam looking to operate responsibly and sustain their industry. Today she leads both organizations as managing director of Sisterstours and president of the RTC. For more information about the RTC, click here.