Responsible Tourism

Responsible Travel

Responsible tourism is central to Sisterstours. We believe in respecting, supporting, and preserving the communities and ecosystems that we work with. That's why we always minimise the negative economic, environmental and social impact wherever we go.

As a founding member of the Responsible Travel Club (RTC), Truong Thi Hien, our co-founder and managing director, always employs the club's core values: protect the environment, respect local cultures, conserve natural resources, and minimize pollution. To learn more about the RTC, click here.

The benefits of responsible tourism impact both locals and visitors. It gives agency to local people to the betterment of their livelihoods and gives visitors the opportunities to enhance their travel experience and make meaningful connections. Through responsible tourism, visitors come away with a greater understanding of local cultures and social and environmental issues. Locals gain a sense of pride in their culture and environment, while learning the value of preserving and maintaining them.

Travelers are reacting to responsible tourism: environmental and cultural responsibility is becoming the norm. We craft boutique experiences that not only please your customers, but also support the destination, which in turn results in a better place to live and a better place to experience.

Sisterstours Vietnam headquarters is a green office, dedicated to the preservation and protection of the environment.

Wherever possible we use environmentally sound and sustainable options when selecting transport and accommodation options for our clients. We do not offer activities which damage local wildlife or support the mistreatment of animals.