Vietnam's laidback neighbor, Laos is a slow-paced country of jungled mountain ranges, flowing waterfalls, and a calm, welcoming population. Being at the opposite end of the energy spectrum to frenetic Vietnam, Laos is worth including in your customers' itineraries if they want some downtime in a fresh destination. It's also a picture-perfect masterpiece: not many would contest that Luang Prabang is Southeast Asia's most charming city


Vientiane may be the most laidback capital in the world. The temples and museums help frame this captivating landlocked country, while the relaxing vibes and riverside setting make exploring the city even more appealing


Southern Laos feels like the land that time forgot, though highways and dams are quickly changing the landscape. Here the Mekong River breaks into a series of rapids that weave between the region's 4000 islands, where you'll find dolphins, ethnic cultures, and intrepid trekking.


The Plain of Jars is one of Asia's great mysteries as scholars still debate what the purpose of the enigmatic “jars.” This area also saw heavy bombing during the neighboring war in Vietnam, which reflects the region's tragic but absorbing modern history.


Often referred to as Southeast Asia's prettiest town, Luang Prabang is decorated with gorgeous French colonial architecture and ornate temples that glisten in the sunlight. Surrounding the town are picturesque waterfalls, elephant sanctuaries, and vibrant ethnic communities.

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